Patch released

Hallo miteinander,

quasi noch ganz frisch erwartet euch auch schon der nächste Patch

Version – Bugs hunted

– mostly low and mit level beasts on the ship
– low level beasts don’t deal enough damage for one hits anymore
– New Items: small and big medikit
– New Items: grilled mushrooms
– Changed recipe: Arrow no longer needs mosquito sting
– added epic items
– work benches tiers include prior tiers

– Creating new crew windows will select the ‚Type your Crew Name here‘ Text, so players don’t have to manually delete it
– inviting players that can’t join will send a message with reason to the inviting player
– new alligator mesh and texture
– added grid to map
– construction elements will refresh much faster
– roof interaction zone scaled up
– added death marker

Issues Fixed:
– mined scrap piles did not display their status if you were not around when it was mined
– learning deadlock after using the learning widget
– was not possible to use double click or right click to move items from inventory to chopping block
– Sounds and Attenuation revised
– removed empty chests from the map
– all red keys need a key now
– Roof limited Tower level one too early
– loading construction system was faulty, we built a new one, no more red construction elements
– Dragon Stats sometimes gone missing on relog
– picked herbs respawned on relog
– in some waters the post processing volume was to high, showing under water effects over the surface
– empty loot boxes did respawn on the next try to open it, not when empty
– selected hotbar items duplicated on player death
– weight was not recalculated on every needed occasion
– Crew ID was not set on all the actors when joining a crew
– scrap pile had no audio feedback on hit
– chat did not work when interactable was selected
– could not equip armor after player death
– some doors did not show correct state after relog

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