Patch veröffentlicht

Version –

NEW: Chat rework –

NEW: extensive under the hood Widget rework (mouse focus, camera lock etc) –

NEW: Radial Menu when holding E for interaction (functional only, looks will improve soon) –

NEW: PVP and PVE Mode work now –

recipe change: foundation requirement changed to crooked plank and weak balk –

experimental change: re enabled pawn to pawn collision –

experimental change: added different item rarity levels, crafting will yield poor, common and uncommon items –

enhanced: crafting queue will yield finished items immediately –

enhanced: ce hidehud command will hide all widgets now – enhanced: stuck handling of AI –

enhanced: Crafting table needed resources are displayed in two columns now. –

enhanced: Switching to Walk during Follow in narrow passages –

issue fixed: change language will work now –

issue fixed: shelf duplication on server restart –

issue fixed: crafting tables multi select and take selected buttons work now –

issue fixed: dragon inventory added 40 slots with each server restart –

issue fixed: color of item (rarity) was not presented correctly in inventory slots and tooltips –

issue fixed: server reboots emptied the learned recipes –

issue fixed: defeated enemies were floating in the air sometimes